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Textbook Of Human Histology With Color Atlas 3D...

We present a new 3D digital brain atlas of the non-human primate, common marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus), with MRI and coregistered Nissl histology data. To the best of our knowledge this is the first comprehensive digital 3D brain atlas of the common marmoset having normalized multi-modal data, cortical and sub-cortical segmentation, and in a common file format (NIfTI). The atlas can be registered to new data, is useful for connectomics, functional studies, simulation and as a reference. The atlas was based on previously published work but we provide several critical improvements to make this release valuable for researchers. Nissl histology images were processed to remove illumination and shape artifacts and then normalized to the MRI data. Brain region segmentation is provided for both hemispheres. The data is in the NIfTI format making it easy to integrate into neuroscience pipelines, whereas the previous atlas was in an inaccessible file format. We also provide cortical, mid-cortical and white matter boundary segmentations useful for visualization and analysis.

Textbook of Human Histology with Color Atlas 3D...

This work contains a single data record containing a set of volume files in NIfTI format for the MRI, Nissl, and segmentations. All NIfTI files were saved with compression (.nii.gz extension) to reduce the file size. Additionally a color look up table to match voxel IDs with brain regions and a color is given. The description of their generation was given in the previous Methods section. Lastly, a 3D slicer scene file is given so that users can quickly and easily load and test out the atlas in the 3D slicer software. Descriptions of the files and their formats are given in Tables 2 and 3.

For getting started we have provided a 3D slicer scene description file (.mrml) that lets a user easily view and interact with the atlas (tested with 3D Slicer version 4.6.2). This is the recommended way to get up and running with the atlas and 3D Slicer is open source and freely available at Opening the mrml file in 3D Slicer will load the MRI, Nissl, brain region segmentation, color look-up table and grey/mid/white segmentations into the software with the correct visualization settings. The presentation will be similar to that shown in Figure 1. For basic usage, a user can hover the mouse over any region and see the annotation, move through the data volume along the RAS axes, and adjust which data is being displayed and overlaid.

M.M. extracted the brain region boundaries from the TIF files along with providing files for the region and color naming information. T.K. generated the csf/gray, gray/white and mid-cortical segmentations. H.O. and Y.Y. organized and facilitated the development of this brain atlas. A.W. performed all of the data-processing steps described in the text except for the manual editing of the mid-cortical segmentations which were completed collaboratively with T.K. T.H. and A.I created the Nissl stained images and drew the original brain region boundaries in the TIF files. K.H. created the MRI T2 data.

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