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Smaart V.7.4 23

Smaart v.7.4 23: The Latest Version of the Audio Analysis Software

Smaart is a professional audio software platform that provides real-time sound system measurement, optimization and control. It is widely used by sound engineers, acousticians, audio consultants, installers, and live sound professionals around the world.


The latest major release of Smaart v.7 (v.7.4 23) has been released and is now available for download for both the Mac and PC. This is a major version update with significant feature additions and interface modifications and is recommended for all Smaart v.7 users.

What's New in Smaart v.7.4 23?

The new release features an overhaul of the Impulse Response Mode including a significant user interface update and comprehensive integration of the measurement and analysis capabilities from Smaart AcousticTools.

While earlier releases of Smaart v7 included some AcousticTools features, the v7.4 23 update completes the integration process with the addition of enhanced versions of all of its intelligibility and acoustic response capabilities, including: T60/RT60, EDT, D/R, Clarity (C10, C35, C50, C80), TLow, TMid, Bass Ratio (TLow/TMid), %ALCons, STI (measured indirectly from impulse response), STIPA and CIS.

Smaart v.7.4 23 also offers an assortment of new usability enhancements such as Peak Holds with either timed or infinite hold capability, Locked Cursors which allows users to snap current peaks with a hotkey or track the highest peak in a trace in real time and Dual Spectrographs in which users can display two spectrograph plots simultaneously.

User-driven features such as Multi-Device Transfer Function Measurements, User-Defined Views and Zooms and Enhanced Trace dB offset have also been included.

How to Upgrade and Activate Your License?

If you already own a license of Smaart v.7, you can upgrade to Smaart v.7.4 23 for free by downloading the installer from the [Rational Acoustics website] and running it on your computer.

If you are a new user or want to try out Smaart v.7.4 23 before buying it, you can download a free 30-day demo version from the same website.

To activate your license, you will need to enter your license code and password in the Smaart Activation Manager that will launch automatically after installation.

You can also activate your license online or offline by following the instructions in the [Smaart Help File](


Smaart v.7.4 23 is a powerful and versatile audio analysis software that can help you measure, optimize and control your sound system in any environment. It offers a range of features and tools that can assist you in achieving optimal sound quality and performance.

If you are interested in learning more about Smaart v.7.4 23 or want to download it, you can visit the [Rational Acoustics website] for more information.


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