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Share Experience To Reading Odds for Beginners

Learning to read odds accurately is essential for newcomers looking to engage in sports betting. However, for those approaching it for the first time, deciphering the odds board can feel like solving a puzzle.

Let's explore how to read odds accurately through the following betting tips accurate with Wintips.

Comprehensive Guide to Reading Main Betting Odds

There isn't just one type of bet displayed on the odds board. In fact, for each match detail, bookmakers present various challenges for players. Nonetheless, let's focus on the main types of bets for now.

Firstly, the main odds board is divided into two sections. On the left, you'll find the tournament name, the names of the participating teams, and the date and time of the match. On the right, there will be three basic forms of betting.

How to Read Handicap Odds

Handicap odds, also known as Asian handicap or handicap betting, appear in the first column (on the right). This is a form of betting where the bookmaker designates the upper and lower teams and then provides a numerical value.

At the end of the betting period, the lower team will add that value to their score, then compare it with the odds to determine the winning team.

Reading handicap odds isn't overly complicated because there are only two main indicators:

On the left: The handicap odds provided by the bookmaker. If it's level with either team, that team is considered the upper team.

On the right: The corresponding odds when the player wins.

For example, in the image below, we have a match between Brentford and Fulham in the English Premier League. The column highlighted in red shows the handicap odds.

Specific details include:

Upper team: Brentford.

Lower team: Fulham.

Handicap value: 0.5 at full time.

Corresponding odds for upper and lower teams: -0.96 and 0.88.

Due to the weaker team being given an advantage, the odds don't differ much, allowing players to choose handicap bets for any match.

Common odds ratios include 0, 0.25 (1/4), 0.5 (1/2), 0.75 (3/4), 1, 1.25 (1 1/4), and 1.5 (1 1/2).

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How to view 1X2 odds (Asian handicap)

The 1X2 odds, also known as Asian handicap odds, will appear in the third column (counting from the right). This format offers bettors three choices:

Win for the home team, a draw, and victory for the away team.

In the case of a neutral ground, it is the win-draw-loss of the team listed first.

Viewing odds is very simple because there is only one parameter, which is the winning odds corresponding to each betting option. We will observe and then look horizontally across to the left to determine exactly which numbers belong to which option.

For example: In the image below is the clash between Sporting Lisbon vs Arsenal in the C2 cup. Look at the column framed in green, which is the Handicap odds.

You can read the odds as follows:

Odds for Sporting to win: 3.10.

Odds for Arsenal to win: 2.13.

The draw will yield odds of 3.25 for bettors.

Based on experience, it's not advisable to bet on 1X2 odds in matches with significant disparities. The reason is that if you bet on the stronger team, the payout odds are not much, while the other winning option, although offering a high payout, is too risky.

=> The safe range to bet on is between 1.5 - 1.9, meaning if you bet 100, you'll get back 150 - 190, with a profit of 50 - 90 dong.

How to view Over/Under (O/U) odds

Over/Under, also known as O/U, will be in the column between Handicap and 1X2. The essence of this format is that the bookmaker will provide a number, and then bettors will predict whether the total number of goals scored by both teams will be over or under that number.

Viewing Over/Under odds is similar to Handicap betting:

Left side of the column: Odds set by the bookmaker.

Right side: Payout odds (Odds) from top to bottom corresponding to the Over and Under options.

Over/Under odds: 2.5 FT.

Payout odds if Over wins: 0.89.

Under is the correct option where bettors will receive 0.99 times their capital.

To bet on Over/Under, you just need to consider the attacking and defending capabilities of both teams, without needing to predict which side will win. This is a format that many players favor.

Some other common ways to view odds

In addition to the main betting board, to diversify options for bettors, bookmakers often create additional betting options. Some popular forms of football betting are:

Betting on corner kicks, yellow cards

The odds are similar to the main betting board, including handicaps, Over/Under, and 1X2, with the only difference being the statistics are corner kicks or yellow cards.

Betting on exact scores

The odds board for betting on exact scores will display possible outcomes of the match (0-0, 1-0, 2-1, 0-5...). Bettors who choose correctly will win money, while incorrect choices will result in the loss of the entire bet.

There are also many betting options in the form of "parlay" such as ball possession, choosing the field... All of these are displayed with just one of the two choices.

It can be seen that viewing odds is not difficult, so when preparing to become a bettor, it's essential to study and at least memorize the main odds board for a betting tips app download experience. Only then can you easily bet on the desired betting option.


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