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Wanderlust (2012) Subtitles - YIFY Subtitle Seeker

Back to the moral and ethical aspect, YIFY is clear that it does not seek for money. YIFY uppers do not take away any IP from the producers of movies and film industry. Because of YIFYs reputation, independent producers and film makers are now more willing to license their copyrights to be used in torrents.

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YIFY official site.YIFY DMCA policyTorrentGuys official site.pdfTorrentGuys official official official site.Legal lessonsCopyright limitsCopyright regimes.pdfLegality vs. moralityCopyright clausePiracyCopyright lawsCopyright regimes.pdfPiracy.

One of the main reasons why we know that it is illegal is because the content on YIFY has names such as 'The Pirate Bay' or 'TVSeries.AG' which obviously is a referrence to the very popular BitTorrent tracker site that was shut down by the Government of Sweden.

This reflects the image clearly. YIFY lists the logos and names of two torrent sites on it's front page. These logos and names clearly identify these two sites as those that provide pirated content.

Pirate Bay is an entirely different story. Pirate Bay does not publish any torrent listings or realtor websites for any content. Therefore, they should be considered a service provider as they do not publish any torrent lists. They only provide instructions to download torrents and set up an account.

This means that nothing remains except the 'Bittorrent' operating system. } }, type: Comment, name: How safe is downloading from YTS-YIFY, acceptedAnswer: type: Answer, text: Its safe. But its only safe when you're downloading legitimate torrents. You may easily end up infecting your computer with malicious software if you download any content from the torrents hosted on YTS or YIFY. , type: Comment, name: What about getting an IP address by downloading from YTS-YIFY, acceptedAnswer: type: Answer, text: Your IP address is easily identified on YIFY because of its frequent pop ups which ask you to provide it. You should only use Popcorn Time for watching movies and TV shows, not for downloading copyrighted material. , type: Comment, name: Is it legal to download from YIFY, acceptedAnswer: type: Answer, text: No. This would be considered stealing, which is not legal in any country. If its not stealing, it may be considered illegal. , type: Question, name: Is it safe to download from YTS-YIFY, acceptedAnswer: type: Answer, text: Yes, its safe, but if you download from YTS-YIFY, you may also risk getting a virus infection on your computer. Be cautious when downloading, it may result in destroying your computer or causing lags. Learn more on how to browse torrents safely. ],[ type: Comment, name: What to do if you are infected with a virus, acceptedAnswer: type: Answer, text: Do nothing. There are already antivirus programs that we download that are already installed. We can have a look for a virus and remove it from our computer system. ,{ type: Comment, name: Should I use 'Popcorn Time', acceptedAnswer: { type: Answer, text: Yes. Use 'Popcorn Time' to download copyrighted files such as movies or TV shows, not for watching.


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