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Pairon Talle Movie In Hindi Free Download 720pgolkes

Pairon Talle movie in hindi

Pairon Talle (Soul of Sand) is a 2010 Indian drama film directed by Sidharth Srinivasan, about a lower caste watchman, Bhanu Kumar, who stands guard at his master Lakhmichand Ahlawat's abandoned silica mine on the outskirts of Delhi. The film deals with issues of caste system, land politics, feudalism and urbanization. The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010 and was also featured in the Global Lens 2011 film series. [1]


The film stars Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Bhanu Kumar, Saba Joshi as Saroj Kumar, Avtar Sahni as Lakhmichand Ahlawat and Geeta Bisht as Twinkle Ahlawat. The film was made with a grant from the International Film Festival Rotterdam's Hubert Bals Fund and was shot digitally in Haryana and Delhi using a high-definition camera. The film received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances of the actors and the cinematography, but criticized the plot and the pace of the film. [2]

The film follows the life of Bhanu Kumar, who has inherited his father's job of guarding an empty mine that belongs to his ruthless landlord, Lakhmichand Ahlawat. Bhanu lives with his wife Saroj, who is unhappy with their barren existence and longs for a child. Lakhmichand is a corrupt and cruel man who exploits his workers and plans to sell his daughter Twinkle to a wealthy businessman. He also hires a contract killer to eliminate Bhanu, who has witnessed his crimes. Meanwhile, Bhanu and Saroj are visited by a mysterious masked man, who claims to be a relative of Bhanu's father and offers them a way out of their misery. The film explores the themes of oppression, violence, betrayal and survival in a harsh and unforgiving society. [3]

If you are interested in watching Pairon Talle movie in hindi, you can find it online on some streaming platforms or buy the DVD from online stores. However, I do not recommend downloading movies for free from illegal sources, as it may harm your device and violate the rights of the filmmakers. I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about this film. Thank you for reading.


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