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Buy La Vie Est Belle Perfume

The Eau de Parfum La vie est belle is the first Tasty Iris exclusively created for Lancôme by three of the most renowned French perfumers. A fragrance with a powerful trail, with a perfect balance between the nobility of Iris Pallida, the depth of Patchouli, and an addictive vanilla accord, creating the perfect scent of happiness.

buy la vie est belle perfume

Penny: I tried this perfume because of Julia Roberts was on the ad.Not only do I love it,I get tons of compliments every single time I go out,every time.I do wishthey made a body powder. Penny October 20, 2013 at 2:23pm Reply

Victoria: The other day I saw Isabelle Rossellini on TV doing some sort of weird film about the mating process of seahorses. She was dressed as a sea horse. The whole thing was graphic and really bizarre.

Sweet Redemption is my fall back perfume on days when I cannot make up my mind. It wears so elegantly, and yet it has that sensual streak that makes it fun. Oh, Rubj is another top favorite. So looks like you and I share similar tastes. August 15, 2012 at 3:16pm Reply

PERFUME, EAU DE TOILETTE, BODY LOTIONIntroducing La Vie est Belle, fragrances infused with floral bouquet of Iris, Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Patchouli scents. The perfume of joyful femininity and happiness. The manifesto of a new era of fragrance for women.

Having tested out both of these perfumes, I can say that they are both quite strong in their presentation. Either one of them could be over-sprayed and have the ability to fill a room. Neither is elite, but are well above average.

However, I think that Coco Mademoiselle not only smells better, but also has the better performance overall. The citrus opening is great, as is the floral/vanilla/musky ending. It is well blended and a great perfume overall.

A floral gourmand bouquet encapsulated in a crystal smile. A universal declaration of happiness and joyous femininity. Blending the noblest ingredients, La vie est belle is a truly addictive fragrance.

I absolutely love this scent. It was my first time ordering from Reblscents and they did not disappoint lol I was a bit nervous but this site is legit. I also noticed a few negative reviews but honestly, that's expected with anything. Like any perfume, it is important to try it out first...maybe get a swatch in-store or buy a small sample. Scents can change throughout the day depending on your body chemistry or even what your pair it with. I almost bought La vie est belle on a blind buy but decided to try it in-store first. I am so happy with getting it and would personally say it's a "safe" blind each their own :)

wore this now for few weeks before i wrote review and it amazing smells exactly like the more exspensive one. i dont now how long the exspensive one lasts but this i spray and can still smell it a few hours later so for me that good as i have had exspensive perfume which after a hour cant smell anymore. also the packaging really good. i will be definatly make another purchase when funds permit.

I was offered this by my son as I tend to buy La Vie est belle on a regular basis . I was very surprised by how similar the Dialect version was from the original . However , I found it slightly overpowering . Excellent price value though .

It is mesmerizing to watch purple LED light dance across the crystal drops as the perfume turntable revolves. Reflecting the endless effects of light from the glass walls on the bottle surrounded by Swarovski crystals, the object is even more fascinating. The case is also covered with a metal plate with the name of the fragrance. 041b061a72


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