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2020 has been a strange year and we're only just halfway through the damn thing. I've spent a fair bit of time playing older games. From previewing the excellent Saints Row: The Third remaster to reviewing the astounding Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, I even reviewed Warcraft III: Reforged... we'll just leave that alone for now. It's time for another collection of classics, another collection of strategy games. It's time to look at the Anno History Collection and see if this is a collection of games best consigned to history or one worthy of being brought back.


As a piece of gaming history, I'm certainly inclined to give the Anno History Collection a pass, even to recommend it. I appreciate it as a collection for those who love the franchise and simply want the collection, revisiting the path that one of their favourite series of games. I even appreciate it as a group of very detailed games jam-packed full of things to do. The series has been around for a long time and it's because the games were good at the time, some still good to this day.

today we are very excited to share the announcement of the upcoming Anno History Collection with you all. With this collection, we are updating the first four Anno games (1602, 1503, 1701 and 1404) to take advantage of modern PCs, while keeping the classic gameplay we all know and love. Among the more notable improvements to all four games are:

Are the versions completely translated ( FR, ES ), voice and text (for anno 1701 and its extension in particular) ? And which version is it for each Anno ( Anno 1701 AD or classic), ( Anno 1602 Gold or classic) ( etc. ) ?

Last month we announced the release of the Anno History Collection arriving June 25, which will update the beloved first four games in the Anno series to take better advantage of modern PCs, while maintaining the gameplay we all know and love. As promised at the announcement, we will have a separate blog post for each of the games to not only talk about the new improvements, but also about the games and their place in Anno history themselves. As this is the first blog, we will take this opportunity to talk a bit about the History Collection in general, before diving right into Anno 1602 History Edition!

Fans of the Anno strategy series are in for a real treat. Ubisoft has announced that a handful of older Anno titles will be getting a 4K remaster for PC very soon. Dubbed the Anno History Collection, this compilation package will include Anno 1602, 1503, 1701, and 1404 with reworked textures, UI elements, and modern operating system support.

The awkward listing of those games is mainly because of Ubisoft's strange historical shifting. Anno has never followed a linear path through history. In fact, the latest installment, Anno 1800, came out after 2070 and 2205. It's a little tough to keep up with where this series is going, but it's fun all the same.

The announcement trailer for History Collection is incredibly light on actual information. It promises save file compatibility with the original versions and mentions 4K support, but that's really it. We're not entirely sure if this is a remaster in the vein of Age of Empires: Definitive Editionor something like a remake running on Anno 1800's engine. It appears to be the former.

Uplay has come a long way since its initial launch, at least. It may not be the most fully-featured game launcher, but buying titles through both Steam and Epic requires Uplay to be installed anyway. You cannot avoid it if you intend to play a Ubisoft game on PC. It's still strange to not see these games available on all stores, but I suppose that's the price one will have to pay to revisit these gems.

Ubisoft has announced good news for management lovers by introducing a pack called the Anno History Collection that includes the first four installments of the saga: Anno 1602: Creation of a New World, Anno 1503, The New World, Anno 1701 and Anno 1404. , as well as The Sunken Dragon expansions for 1701 and Venice for 1404. The versions do not include major innovations, incorporating the same elements and graphics, but with support for current resolutions, equipment compatibility and borderless screen mode, in addition to multiplayer and matchmaking. The compatibility is such that we can take saved games from the original games to the new versions if we wish.

Today, Ubisoft announced the Anno History Collection will be available on Windows PC and will include four beloved city-building classics and their expansions. Developed by Ubisoft Mainz, the Anno History Collection will be available on June 25 and all four games are fully updated and optimized to work smoothly on current computers.

The full Anno History Collection will be available digitally on the Ubisoft Store for $39.99 on June 25 and available for pre-order starting May 26 at All games in the Anno History Collection will also be available individually for purchase. aggregates game keys from over 40 digital distribution stores so you can find the best deals on video games. All offers already include discounts from vouchers to save you time and money. Check the price history of the game to determine how good the deal is in relation to historical low offers. If the price is still too high, create a price alert and receive an email notification when Anno History Collection matches your budget!

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